The Summary

Data-driven and business-oriented manager with 10 years of experience in IT and 8 years in project management. Well-rooted entrepreneurial skills and strong background in managing change with a focus on negotiation and conflict resolution. Expertise in engaging customers, optimizing processes, and problem solving.

In Real Estate, I put my agents' interest above all, creating relationships that go beyond the transactional aspect of real estate. I care about their business as much as they care about theirs, if not more.


The Story

With both parents professors in Economics, my sisters and I took the Monopoly game to the next level, very early on. Bankruptcy was the easy way out. A merciful exit. Instead, we added loans and mortgages, different methods of payment, and even contracts! We used all resources available to us, in the game and beyond. We trained on navigating conflict, negotiate terms, and collaborate (for the better and the worst) to entertain trust and create wealth.

That early experience helped perfect the 'problem solving' mindset and 'out of the box' thinking in every aspect of my subsequent professional career. From negotiation to collaboration, my approach is always the same:

- Understand before seeking to be understood.
- Work toward finding or creating a win-win outcome.
- Lead with trust, honesty, and ethics.
- Be the catalyst that unleashes the creativity in others.
- Collaborate for an even bigger win.
- Failures are part of the process.
- Set high standards (even bigger for myself) and celebrate together.

Why Coldwell Banker

The prestige of the Coldwell Banker® name, combined with state-of-the-art technology, bespoke marketing strategies and one of real estate’s most robust global networks, culminates in extraordinary representation that crosses oceans, continents, and language barriers.

Coldwell Banker is an amazing place to be. The Culture of Awesomeness, Coaching to Confidence, Production Power, and Wealth Builder are our core 4. We believe in them. We live by them. We embody them.

It is not for no reason that Coldwell Banker is the number 1 brokerage in the United States and very much in most states and towns. We are passionate about this business, and we love to share our passion. That's what makes Coldwell Banker the best place to be.

I'm Nadia Mounsif, Coldwell Banker Branch Manager at the Lynnfield office. Your business is my business. Your problems are my problems. Your dreams are my dreams.


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